Monday, April 12, 2010

Bread making and potato planting

The first asparagus appeared two days ago and I wound up breaking off a couple while planting the potatoes. My butt is guilty! I didn't realize they were already peeking through on the other bed, and was sitting right on the bed while digging the potato trenches.

Gardening, bread baking and cooking took up the whole day. It was a hard, trench digging day to plant two rows of potatoes - German Butterball and Bintje - both old timey varieties.  I wound up digging up the potatoes I had planted the other day and moving the row, after I realized I could get more rows in that bed than I thought.

The new furrow attachment for the Mantis tiller didn't seem to do the job, so I wound up hand digging the trenches.They rototilled OK but didn't seem to create a trench that was ready to plant.  I need to check you tube and see if there are any videos on how to properly use this attachment.

There's another trench to dig today to plant these Red Pontiac potatoes and I still have Kennebecs and Yellow Finns to plant some time this week.

I also have to plant some peonies and primroses that my good friend Bruce dug up on his property. I lovingly call him "Bruce, the destroyer"; because he doesn't want anything growing near his lawn, so I periodically receive these wonderful little gifts from him. He used to throw them away or just run the mower over them, until I begged him to let me come and dig them up, which I've done periodically. Bruce gives me flowers,  I give him veggie plants and we share veggies from our gardens. He's promised to take me ramp hunting soon, to his special spot up near Roan mountain. It's a remote spot only accessible by foot or on his four runner. If we're lucky we might find some morels as well.

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