Monday, April 19, 2010

Got some ramps

Our daughter and son--in-law arrived late yesterday afternoon and as soon as they unpacked the car we headed for our friend Jim's "man cave" to join him and his group "Sugar Daddy", for a rock jamming session. Our daughter Erin is a rock singer and she's sung with them during previous visits. It was a treat for all of us to have her join them for several numbers. There's always pizza, beer and sodas for those Sunday evening practice sessions. It's always a fun time and anyone is invited.

We joined Jim and friends for breakfast this morning and after wards drove to Jim and Laura's creek house in search of ramps. Jim and Laura told me where to look, so it was a quick search. I dug up about 7 or 8 - just enough to fry up in some bacon fat with potatoes tomorrow morning so our daughter and son-in-law can have the ramp experience. If you're not familiar with ramps, they're a wild food with leaves that look like lily of  the valley with a burgundy steam, and a tiny, onion like bulb at the base which tastes like a cross between garlic and leek - with the garlic having the stronger percentage. When their young, you can chop up the greens as well.

When we got home, I decided to walk down near our stream to see if we had some on our property. None were to be found; but, I did find a stone wall on our property near the old brick silo. I have never walked down there because that part of our property is very sloped and in late spring and summer it's a pretty dense thicket that is pretty much impassable without a machete in hand. Needles to say the stone wall  was a nice find.
I sat down near the stream for a couple of minutes to rest these achy, old knees and enjoy the air and the meditative feeling of the area and spotted a grapefruit size chunk of milk quartz in the stream. I also discovered some very nice big rocks there. When I catch up with the garden work, I'd like to go down there and clear some of the area to expose those large rocks. It been a lovely morning!


  1. Those ramps may do more good for you than all those pills and potions.They don't grow up here in Ohio but I once met a family at a parkway overlook who had been ramp hunting and were cooking them up in the parking lot.They insisted I join in and I soon understood the attraction.Spring ramp hunting is a delicious tradition.

  2. Hope you all are having a wonderful visit!