Monday, April 26, 2010

Alex McErlain's resisted slip decorated pots video

Here's a link to the you tube video:

Alex McErlain resisted slip decorated pots

It's a non gardening day which is fine with me since I'm a bit tired after digging out some sod and planting some strawberries, and other garden work yesterday. Instead, it's been a kitchen day. There's oatmeal bread baking in the bread machine and the pizza dough is mixed and on its first rise.

We have two workers here cutting up some of the trees we had cut down last week. One poplar, he figured was over 100 years old. It was hollow in the lower part and a good wind would have had it take out or new bedroom wing. Now I have to think about what I'll replace them with. It will probably be some small, decorative trees and maybe another fruit tree or two. Jay, one of the workers, think that a couple of the cherry trees that will now be getting more sun, may be fruit bearing, as opposed to the wild cherry trees on our land, which aren't. That would be great since the cherry trees I planted the past few years have yet to produce any fruit. In fact, I think one of them died over the winter.

It's pretty raw and raining lightly, with temperatures going into the 30's tonight, so we'll be bringing all the seedlings in and putting them in the mud room for the night. I might just leave them in there tomorrow as well, since the temperature is going down to the 30's again.


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