Saturday, April 10, 2010

Akar yunomi show

Check out some amazing work at the Akar gallery yunomi show:

Looks like I'll have a glorious day to be in the garden. I'm still trying to recover from some porch sitting partying with friends last night. There are 10 more bags of mushroom compost to unload, about 8 trays, of seedlings and potted plants  to move back outside for the day, and two beds to rototill. Then I have to see if I can get the new furrow attachment on the tiller and make some furrows for planting more potatoes today or tomorrow.

In assessing the garden, it looks like I have at least another 7-10 days of just getting the beds cleaned up and planted along with the continuing job of seedling care. I'm hoping when the beds are done and the terraces planted that I'll be able to split my day between garden and studio. I'm already thinking of how I can cut back all this planting next year and I think I'm going to turn some of the terraces into permanent herbal beds with a few spaces left for annual herbs like basil, parsley, summer savory, etc.

Michael Cardew once told me, asI was admiring his vegetable garden, that his garden was big enough. Otherwise, he said, there wouldn't be time to make pots. I feel that I've reached that point and need to start seriously thinking about cutting back. This 70 year old well worn, achy body has made me finally come to the realization that I can't do it all anymore, at least at the level I used to. So,  it's time to take stock of how I'm using my time and prioritize, which means expending less energy in a such a big garden, leaving time each day for the studio.

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