Saturday, April 24, 2010

We have bees!

Here's John Britt in his bee keeper head covering, installing one his bee hives on our lower meadow area. The bees went to work right away, sending scouts out to check out their new environment. The apple trees are in full bloom as are the azaleas and some other perennials and some newly planted annuals. I think the bees are going to be happy here. John gets honey and happy bees and we get pollinators for fruits and veggies.

The rains and severe thunder storms that were forecast never came yesterday afternoon or last night. We arranged our day based on that forecast - canceling the ramp search trip and then putting off planting. At least we made it to Wally world where I picked up one of their last packages of asparagus roots. I hope more are alive in this package than the last. When we got home,  I immediately wet down the sawdust that the crowns were in and hopefully, that will get them started on waking up! If the weather allows, I'll get them planted today.

I did manage to get in a brief amount of garden time yesterday afternoon - hand watering seedlings and potted plants, trimming flower heads off the rhubarb, a bit of weeding and cleanup around some of the perennials.
If the rains come today, I'll try to get some studio time and weigh out a few test glazes and throw some test tiles. If not, then I'll be in the garden planting and doing a bit more rototilling.


  1. Sounds like a lot of planting going on! Oh rhubarb! I haven't had rhubarb in over 20 years... what I wouldn't give for a nice hot pie!

  2. My husband doesn't like rhubarb; but I do. I might just make some rhubarb and strawberry, chunky sauce to serve over ice cream when the strawberries come in.