Saturday, April 03, 2010

Terrace 1 planted

Yesterday I finished planting this first terrace. From rototilling to planting took a lot longer because the tiller didn't go very deep but did a great job removing weeds and loosening the first 3inches or so; but then I had to dig to a 6 inch depth with the addition of compost before planting each seedling.

This bed has Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage, Savoy cabbage,broccoli, broccoli rabe, thyme and sage which are supposedly good companion herbs for these veggies. After planting I realized that I have a six pack of DeCicco heirloom broccoli and six pack cauliflower to plant; but haven't planned on it for other beds, but I think I can plant them in the kale, spinach, beet and onion bed which still have to be tilled.

My seedlings are growing up a bit and yesterday I put two large flats of tomatoes, peppers, etc. on the porch. After we got home from dinner with friends at the Empire China buffet in Johnson City, I brought those tender plants in for the night. I don't like to leave them out when the night temperatures might be below 50, so they spent the night on the kitchen table and got moved back out this morning.

By the way, that Empire China buffet on Friday night was the best China buffet we've ever been to! They had raw oysters, clams, mussels,shrimp, frogs legs, crab claws, a good sushi bar and hibachi bar and just about every other Chinese stir fry dishes, fruits and desserts you can imagine and all for less than $11 a person. We ate that much in oysters alone!

It's downright balmy out there this morning, with quite a bit of breeze, so I should be comfortable working out there is the forecasted rain and thunder stay away till later in the afternoon. I think I'll tackle the two largest, bottom, terraced beds and rototill what areas I can, which means rototilling around the asparagus plants in both beds.

I have asparagus growing in 4 different areas, since asparagus and tomatoes do well together - asparagus putting out something that repels nematodes which can attack tomato plants, I usually try to to plant some tomatoes near some of them; but crop rotation isn't permitting that this year, even with me having them in four different places; and that's because I usually grow way too many tomatoes!

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