Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The days garden report

The hostas are coming in strong. This one is almost totally open. The snow in summer and some other perennials are blooming as well as a lot of the weeds!

I finished and planted the third trench with Red Pontiac potatoes yesterday and started another trench in another area for asparagus yesterday; but never finished because I was just too tired and had to get started on dinner anyway. There's space in this bed for one more trench and I think I'll plant it half in Kennebecs and half in Yellow Finns and give the extra seeds to friends. There are still trenches to dig for the asparagus, which I intended to do today, but I'm pretty tired from yesterday, so I think I'll start planting some small perennials and annuals and stop early to get started on our roast duck dinner.

It's been a busy morning already - taking these garden photos and doing a bunch of weeding and cleanup  before making breakfast.  The doctor put me on another months worth of antibiotics again and like the last one, I can't go out in the sun, so I'm covering myself head to toe and heading out anyway; but with the temperature is supposed to reach 80F today, I have a feeling I may not last too long out there.

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