Thursday, April 08, 2010

Japanese quince

The Japanese quince is blooming and it's so beautiful! The plum and Japanese cherry blossoms are in their full glory now and the peach trees are also starting to bloom.

I was too sore yesterday to do any rototilling and digging; but I did get more weeding, garden cleanup and seedling transplanting done. The rain stayed away long enough this morning, for me to weed one of the terrace vegetable beds and put down a bag of mulch. Now that the rain has arrived, the rest of my days gardening is going to be indoors. I've already planted another large tray of a mix of veggies and flowers, planted more basil, this morning and got my large, pot bound gardenia, root pruned and repotted.

This afternoon I need to get down to the basement and tend to some sad over wintering plants and do a major cleanup of the area. With temperatures doing down tonight, below 45, I'll be bringing in all the flats of the heat loving tomato and pepper seedlings. I love all this gardening, but it's not leaving any time for much of anything else.

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