Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Never Ending Gardening Saga

The past few days have been spent doing some intensive garden cleanup and planting. Our daughter and son-in-law are arriving late this afternoon and I wanted to at least get some annuals planted and get caught up with my perennial planting and garden cleanup. So, I've been spending 4-5 hours most day with the outdoor gardening and then another hour or so with taking care of the seedlings. Today I planted the last rose - the new white knock out, 4 perennials and a new purple clematis to replace one that died this winter and spent the rest of the time cleaning the flower beds and weeding.

I've given away over 50 tomato plants and other seedlings but still have about 9 or 10 flats to water and move in and out every day during these colder nights. I only leave them out when the nightly low is in the mid 40's or above. It's been grueling; but I am seeing light at the end of this gardening tunnel.  There's still a great deal more to do before I'm caught up but at least now, the prospect isn't as daunting as it was a few weeks ago.

With all that's still left to do,  I'm wondering if I'll ever get in the studio before the end of May! Once I get caught up I'm doing to follow the routine of my late friends Otto and Vivika and spent an hour in the garden in the morning before I head to the studio; but that is only going to be doable once I get everything planted, cleaned up and mulched.

In the meantime I'm going to enjoy our daughter and son-in-laws visit and eat out for the next five days.

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