Friday, April 23, 2010

Ramp and morel search cancelled

The rain has put a glitch in my ramp and morel trip with friends. We were going to head up toward Roan Mt, to a secret spot high on the mountain. Friends have 4 wheelers and we were going to use those to get to the spot. I was so looking forward to it. There's  a waterfall up there and incredible views, as well as a good supply of ramps and maybe, even some morels after the rain they other day. We were going to have a supper of fried potatoes with ramps and cornbread. Hopefully we'll be able to do it soon.

This rain is supposed to stop for a few hours, followed by thunder storms, possibly severe, later this afternoon. It will be too wet to do much gardening, so I think I'll use that time to head to Walmart to get some more asparagus roots. I got one trench finished yesterday but only two of the roots in the package looked alive, so I planted them and holed the others in temporarily, covered lightly with soil and watered them, just in case they're just late bloomers.

John Britt is on the way over with one of his bee hives to help pollinate all my plants. That will help our blueberry, potatoes, squash, cucumbers, etc. It's too late to pollinate some of the fruit trees, but the apples are in full bloom now, so the  bees will have plenty to keep them busy.


  1. hi june did you ever revisit the cone 6 soda firing I'm planning to do a test run next month in my lil kiln with gas and wood ..would love any starter tips, thanks ang

  2. No, I haven't had any studio time for months - been totally involved in my husbands healing and now the garden is commanding most of my time.
    Please keep us posted on your results!