Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Have we got grapefruits!

A couple of weeks ago I gave my 8 foot avocado tree and a loquat tree to Jim's niece Eva and her husband Don, after I decided I was tired of moving them in and out of my studio. I kept the meyer lemon, kumquat and bay but the meyer lemon may be going by fall as well since it doesn't seem to be doing well in the studio.

Initially I thought we'd build a greenhouse, but I nixed that plan that when I realized I already have way too much on my plate already. Yesterday, Don showed up with the large planter that held the avocado tree and it was filled with grapefruit from their Florida house. We will be enjoying the juice from those ruby red beauties for a while.

Yesterday a group of us went to the new "Bama BBQ" place in Spruce Pine. They've only been opened 2 weeks and they're expanding already! The long cooked, wood smoked ribs were huge and very meaty. They're not fall off the bone tender but were delicious. They beans are excellent as are the various barbecue sauces that they serve. We'll definitely be going back.

The only gardening I did yesterday was hand watering, moving all the flats of seedlings in and out with a lot of help, and planting a few sprouted tomato seeds and digging up some more old, plastic 6 packs and washing them good for the transplanting I'll probably be doing after breakfast. Showers are expected early this afternoon, so I probably won't get any planting in today either; but we are having fun visiting with Erin and Sven who are happy to just vegg out and watch re-runs of some of their favorite American TV shows, like Law and Order, that they can't get in Germany.

Before they arrived in NC, they were on a whirlwind vacationing mode from New York on down through Washington, DC, and Virginia.  Now they just want to munch, rest and visit which suits us just fine!

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  1. Hey June send those ruby reds my way i love RR grapefruit. lol