Monday, May 24, 2010

More Peonies

Two more peonies have come to life. The garden is really showing a lot of color at the moment with more perennials opening just about daily.

Today will be a repeat of yesterday - an hour or two in the garden after breakfast, then studio time till it's time to think about dinner prep (beans and corn bread tonight.) Yesterday I finished planting two large flats of purple petunias along the front walkway, as well as some perennials and other annuals.Some critter (either bunny or slugs) ate the tops off a couple of the newly planted petunias. Time to set out shallow bowls of beer for slugs and sprinkle blood meal to keep the bunnies at bay. This morning I'll plant the coleus and some other shade lovers around the big, old oak tree off of bedroom deck.

Trimming pots, pulling a couple of handles and getting flashing and decorating slips mixed are at the top of today's "to do" list.


  1. Your flowers are beautiful. so far my roses are not growing yet. and i'm trying to grow bell peppers.

  2. Some of my roses have been blooming for about a week or two. One of my heirloom climbers was the first to bloom.

  3. you have a picture of them?