Friday, May 28, 2010

One of my favorite perennials

 I love these perennial geraniums, particularly this color.  I also have a pink and a white with lilac that I started from seed a couple of years ago.

Since we were expecting rain and thunder storms around 11am, I got out early to get in some planting. It's after 3, and the rain has yet to come; but when dark clouds appeared and thunder announced itself at 2 o'clock, I thought it wise to cease planting.
The beer slug bait is working well, so I re-filled the bowls and when I checked back less than an hour later, there were about 20 more thirsty slugs swimming in the beer. I ordered some escar-go, which is an organic solution to the snail and slug problem. I also tackled the steep slope behind the house (one of the last sunny spots near the house I could find) and dug up the sod, weeds, wildflowers and wild berry bushes and planted 3 Goji berry bushes, one butterfly weed so Monarch butterflies would have a place to lay their eggs, and one Serrano chili. I also planted a few other things in the flower beds and did a bunch of weeding.  The rain still hasn't arrived but I'm too pooped from heavy digging to plant any more today.

It's too late to start on anything in the studio since we're meeting friends for dinner, so I'll use this bit of rest time to watch some of the French Open tennis while I go through my snail mail and catch up with other paper work.

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