Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rainy day

Glad I rototilled two of the 3 areas still needing it before this rain came. Now I need some dry days from the 15-27th to plant all these veggie seedlings according to the moon signs. I would have finished, but lost a screw and bolt on the tiller which I need to replace today.

Even with a small, 25 lb or so, Mantis tiller, working on a steep slope at my age and with bad knees was a bit of a challenge. Next year that slope is getting planted with one or two more fruit trees and a large scattering of wildflower seeds!

Since I have some running around chores to do today anyway, the needed rain is welcome. It also gives me time later this afternoon to go through this big pile of long ignored snail mail and catch on other paperwork - mainly recipe notations. 

Rain is expected all but one day for the next 10, so I may actually get in the studio earlier than I thought, unless some of those "chance of thunderstorms" turn out to pass us by a few hours here or there.

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