Sunday, May 23, 2010

Back in the saddle again.

About a week ago I wrapped a couple of pugs of too firm Phoenix clay with wet towels and put them back in the bag to soften. It worked but too well. It was a struggle throwing with clay that soft, so I resorted to throwing a few experimental cup shapes and mugs, a soy server and a couple of bowls.The heat gun saved the wide bowl in front, that wanted to slump, even though I was throwing almost dry. With the other pug of this softened clay I'll be throwing some more low wide serving dishes. After being out of the studio so long, this was a small, but good start.

After cleanup and a couple of other studio chores, I headed to the house to make dinner.  I went back out again after dinner to cover some of the pots and left the few that were too wet, uncovered. It was a good thing I checked them at 6 o'clock this morning,  because they were already pretty leather hard. The pilot on the gas heater makes was enough to dry pots almost too much overnight. It's now off.
Even though there's still a lot of planting and other garden chores to do, I'm now switching to  my plan of an hour or so work in the  garden and the rest of the day in the studio.

Time to plant.


  1. hey farmville gal i'm looking for a neighbor are u up for it???

  2. Sure. Just know that now that Jim doesn't need me to be in the house most of the time, between gardening and studio I'm not going to have time to be a great FV neighbor.