Thursday, May 27, 2010

Flower garden

Here are a few photos of the flower gardens in front of the house.

Yesterday was such a heavy duty rototilling, forming mounds to plant sweet potato starts, planting a couple of artichokes and six more tomatoes, that there wasn't any energy left for the studio. It was the most tired I've been. I think the constant struggle with the rototiller along slopes is what wiped me out, along with moving a lot of soil to form mounds added to it. I also put out a bunch of shallow bowls with beer to catch slugs, hand picked a bunch of snails and slugs, hilled up some of the potatoes a bit more, pulled some weeds, harvested some asparagus and hand watered all the seedlings and newly planted items.

Since I was planning a nice dinner (chicken piccata, asparagus from the garden and quinoa), I just started my prep early, and got everything measured out, which made the actual "making" time a lot shorter.It was a good thing because after dinner, I literally passed out on the sofa.

This morning I'm switching to lighter garden work. The rhododendron and a couple of other things need some serious pruning. I also have to put out more saucers of beer. The ones I put out yesterday caught a lot of slugs. I've never seen them this bad. I also have to look for another likely spot to plant some hot peppers. I'll probably pull some of the cold crops that are now going to seed and put them there. Either that or I'll have to find another spot to rototill; and I'd really like to avoid expanding this garden area. It's already too big for one 70 year old woman with a titanium hip, bad knees and bad back.


  1. June - your gardens are beautiful! All that hard work shows!

  2. Thanks Judy. I think the garden really shines this time of year with all the shades of pink and purples from the peonies,irises,perennial geraniums and clematis.I should be planting some more annuals but I'm still trying to get all these veggies planted!

  3. I don't know how you do it all June. Be careful setting out the beer, in your neighborhood you may catch as many potters as you do slugs.

  4. Thanks for the hearty laugh Dennis! LOL