Monday, May 31, 2010

Free Penstemons

 These penstemons are in full bloom and what a gorgeous perennial they are, with their burgundy and green leaves and delicate white and lavender, spring blooming flowers.  I have volunteers to share if any one wants some. These guys were $12 each at one of the big Asheville nurseries and they're a much better deal at my house - free! I'll even dig them up for you. You just have to come to pick them up; or if you live close by, I'll deliver.

Yesterday I gardened till I dropped, so the bread never got made. The corn seeds I had in wet paper, sprouted, so they got planted them; and of course there were more weeds to pull in that area and then more hand watering to do and one thing led to the next and I just kept working.

Nature has brought some good morning rain, which is one way to keep me out of the garden. I'll probably be heading over to John Britt's studio this morning to see some of his copper red and shino glaze tests and bring him some tomato plants and hollyhocks. Then it will be on to Wally world for hot dogs for the grill tonight and hopefully some corn on the cob. They were the only place with decent corn this week. It was also priced right - 18 cents an ear.

When I get home I'll start my bread and then sit on my butt, get some recipes on to index cards and let this knee rest until it's time to start the grill. 

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