Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Oatmeal bread

Had a good rest day thanks to the rain yesterday. In the morning I loaded up some tomato and hollyhock plants and took them over to John Britt's studio. I was thrilled to look at some of his recent copper red and shino tests - what a huge amount of work and what fabulous and intriguing results! I can't wait to get back to work try some of those recipes as well as some of my own using the striking, and other two firing cycles that John used for those tests, in my little 4 cu ft Olympic, gas, test kiln.

After a shopping trip at Wally world, where I finally found pickling cucumber plants, and did some grocery shopping, I came home, made bread and did some paper work before dinner. The oatmeal bread makes great toast and the strawberry rhubarb jam I bought at the Bakersville Farmers market Saturday morning went really well on this bread.

This morning we drove to Asheville where I picked up my clay and a few other studio items at Highwater. While there, I bumped into Lisa Gluckin and Michael Hunt and Naomi  Dalglish and their beautiful baby girl. I was amazed at how well Michael's truck handled that full pallet full of raw materials! Our Highlander would have sunk with that big a load!

Before heading home, Jim and I had lunch at Chai Pani, a new (for us) Indian restaurant. It was wonderful and worth the search for a parking place in downtown Asheville. They  even had some of the wonderful street food dishes that I had when I was in India.

I'm too tired to unload the clay today, so I'll just relax, let this swollen knee rest another day and watch the Federer Soderling match while I catch up on the days email and check out the new Ceramic Monthly that was in today's mail. Dinner is going to be easy and light - frozen potstickers.

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