Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another man plans God laughs day

This is another one of those man plans, God laughs days! My original intent was to get to the studio and get my little Olympic gas test kiln coated with ITC 100 but realized that in the middle of it I might get some TRAC tour people showing up. Spraying ITC is not one of my favorite jobs. It's a messy, gritty mixture  and you have to stir constantly and work quickly - not a job you want interrupted.

So I changed gears and decided to put together more tomato cages. I  got  8 or 9 more cages installed, and weeded a bit as I went, but the humidity got to me. So I'll cool off again and if it's not raining , I'll try to at least get the rest of the cages and maybe some of the poles up.

Since I don't have enough cages and poles for all these tomatoes, I'll use them  for the  heaviest ones and  let the rest of them just grow on the ground with some straw under them. It's a muddy mess out there with possibility of rain almost every day for the next week. The weeds seem to be thriving with all this rain, along with the snail and slug population. I weed a bit every day but I would need to make it a full time job to get on top of them this year.

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