Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kiln and furniture ITC'd - finally

Finally got the messy job of coating the small Olympic gas kiln with the ITC100 yesterday. It was a donkey work day in the studio, battling the clogged sand blaster (finally gave up and finished with a brush) and other chores. I had enough ITC leftover to coat a lot of the commercial kiln furniture; and then had a prolonged job of cleaning the gritty ITC out the hoses.

After sitting for months, my most used flashing slip had to be scraped down, mixed and sieved. Normally I can just use my turbo mixer and now re-sieve; but it did funny things sitting that long. After cleanup I was done in the studio for the day.

There are still other slips and glazes that have been sitting a long time, to mix, pots to dip and decorate and more pots to make in between garden and home chores the next few weeks. Today is a day for outside chores and probably no time for studio or garden.

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