Saturday, June 26, 2010

My oh my, we've got pie

Just pulled this blueberry pie out of the oven - going to have some for breakfast! Our blueberry bushes are being very generous and the birds and deer are kindly leaving some for us. There were  3 mature bushes when we moved here which I didn't discover until I  had planted two others. They were hidden away up the hill behind the house, somewhat shrouded by some large trees. Now that we've cleared that area a bit, these bushes are thriving and very bountiful.

The garden has kept me busy even in this oppressive heat and humidity; but I'm having to plant, weed, harvest, water and spray in very short increments, retreating to the house to cool off, tend to other chores, and then back outside to work till the heat gets to be too much. I've even started getting some garden time early morning before and after breakfast and at times, even after dinner. I hope this heat breaks and we get some rain coming our way soon. The plants are showing signs of stress and I hate to use well water to do that much hand watering. The heat is draining and I don't have much energy left after garden chores to do anything else but cook and take care of the animals.                


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