Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pink lilies blooming

These pink lilies have been opening the past couple of days. The garden is pretty soggy and droopy this morning after the powerful thunderstorm that came through last night. The bees were out very early taking advantage of what looks like a short dry spell before the storms come through again; and the hummingbirds and the rest of our feathered friends are munching away at their various  feeders. The feral cat Tommy, is late for his breakfast. The trust is building between us, albeit slowly. He will now lay down just a couple of feet in front of me, roll over and meow sweetly, as I put down his food; but that's as far as it goes. This is huge improvement from his first visits months ago when he wouldn't even come up on the porch to get his food, until I went back in the house.

Yesterday was a day of  running around, doing chores. Jim and I both had appointments for osteo treatments in Burnsville, lunch at the Mexican restaurant, a bit of food shopping, dropping off a propane tank with broken valve to be fixed, and on and on. The only garden time I had was harvesting some broccoli and a couple of hand fulls of snow peas which I made to go with our fried clams dinner. 

I'll be heading to the studio right after breakfast to slip and decorate some of these mostly bone dry pots while keeping my fingers crossed that they won't crack. I won't even attempt to slip the dry plates. They'll get done after their bisqued. I'll be stopping around 4 to make a shrimp with bacon in a mustard cream sauce recipe from my new Pub cookbook, and after dinner I need to make another loaf of bread. It's amazing how fast a day fills up!

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