Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Attack roses

The New Dawn roses are taking over the arbor and attacking passers by. Jim put on some heavy work gloves and wound them through the lattice. I had hoped to get a bit more gardening in today after my doctor's appointment; but only got about an hour because there was a world record breaking tennis match on Wimbledon that begged to be watched. So I dropped everything and watched this match while dealing with some paper work.

They finally called this men's singles match between the American Isner, and the French man Mahut after 9 hours of play, due to darkness. So they finish tomorrow. The score was 59 to 59 games in the 5th set. This match broke all kinds of tennis records. This 5th set was longer than any whole tennis match in Wimbledon history; and maybe any tennis history. There really won't be a winner or loser when they resume play tomorrow. Needless to say, Jim and I will be watching this history making match. I can always find time before or after to water, weed and feed.

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