Friday, June 04, 2010

Lawn sign

After dinner I finished up a few things in the garden and then got on line and ordered 3 lawn signs for the pottery. Vista Print has pretty good prices and I was able to upload a color photo of my work on the sign. Hope it looks as good as it does on line. I don't currently have a sign for the pottery and this is just a test to see if it will be worth it to have a more permanent sign made for our somewhat hidden location.

Workers are here putting on a new door to the mudroom and some road work; but before they leave they'll put my small Olympic gas kiln on the cart. I didn't get to the studio as planned yesterday to spray the kiln with ITC 100. Just as I was heading for the studio Jim came home from the post office with the package of Escar-go, the organic pellets to get rid of the snail and slugs. Since they have been such a problem I dropped everything and got areas wetted down and got the pellets distributed. As always, when I get in the garden, one thing leads to another and before I knew it, it was 4:15, time to come in and start on the linguini and clams sauce for dinner!

I'm heading for the studio as soon as I take my vitamins and get that kiln spraying done. Jim is off to the propane place in town with my 7 gallon and 5 gallon tanks that I'll use on that little kiln. They say it can be fired with 5 gallons but I'm a bit dubious, so I'll start with the 7 gallon for glaze firings and use the 5 gallon as a backup. I want to do some strike firings which will require a cone 10 firing, and then a drop and  4 hour hold at bisque temperatures; and I think the extra gas will definitely be needed for that.

After I spray the ITC, I'll have to do a bisque first and I have more than enough dry pots to fill that tiny 4 cu ft kiln. Then I'll test it with some soda re-fires. I already had Will Baker cut larger holes in the kiln for soda introduction, so there's nothing else I have to do but fire it when ready.

The workers promised to take a few of these tomatoes off my hands, so the porch will soon be back to normal as opposed to looking like a seedling nursery.

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