Sunday, June 06, 2010

Yesterday I uncovered the pots I'd been able to make in small pockets of time since Jim's accident and laid them out on the slab roller. Frankly, I was very surprised that I had this many since studio time has been almost nil. As you can see there are enough plates and bowls and a few mugs. What I need now are more covered jars, maybe some slab pieces and more tumblers and a teapot or two.

When I start a throwing cycle I usually start with some small bowls and if the clay is very soft, maybe a couple of plates and then on to mugs and other things. But since I have not been able to get into a full throwing or studio cycle for months, this group is mainly those pots I usually start throwing for a new cycle.

Yesterday I got them all waxed, trimmed a couple and got a handle on a mug. Today I'll be re-mixing up my decorating slip, a couple of accent glazes and a couple of flashing slips and maybe start decorating this group and getting them ready for the first bisque. I need to have two full bisque loads in my electric kiln to fill the soda kiln.

The only garden work I got yesterday was hand watering the seedlings on the porch and pulling a couple of weeds on my way to and from the studio; but I need to get in the garden tomorrow morning for some weeding, feeding and spraying.

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