Thursday, June 03, 2010

Raisin bread

Yesterday started with unloading clay and then after breakfast, it was time to get a loaf raisin bread started and then take advantage of the good weather to keep planting. I got the last large planter cleaned out and refilled and planted the last eggplant,  two French Tarragons, removed some cukes and replaced them with pickling cukes I finally found at Walmart the other day, then had to make new mounds to replant the regular cukes, pulled up some old lettuce, planted a few more lettuce and  spinach starts, more basil, and on and on it went for several hours. I removed the remay from the cauliflower and lettuce to find that one head of cauliflower is ready for harvesting. Looks like we'll be having a cauliflower curry sometime in the next week.

As usual, I worked till I almost dropped, had a later lunch and watched some of the French Open tennis while I did paper work and placed a small order at Axner's pottery supply in Florida. They carry some things I can't get locally and using the post office's flat rate for heavier packages, it makes it reasonable to order some of the heavier raw materials. I think it's in the $14 range for up to about 75 lbs.

I've been waiting for friends Jim and Aaron to come to do some work on the driveway and my tiny electric test kiln that needs elements changed; and I need them to lift my little 4 cu ft Olympic gas test kiln onto the wheeled cart so I can get it outdoors and start using it for tests and re-fires. The tires on the old cart couldn't take the weight, so it now has heavier duty tires, which will hopefully do the job. I need to use my sand blaster to spray it with ITC 100 before I use it for soda and that's probably the first studio job I'll tackle this afternoon since it will be easier to do with the kiln sitting lower on the ground.

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  1. Wow! You make me feel tired, and somehow a little lazy, too! Your pottery/gardens/blog are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing!