Saturday, May 22, 2010

Michael Kline wood fired cup

Here's one of the other pots I bought from Michael Kline at his recent kiln opening. This lovely wood fired, hakeme slipped cup is now in use every morning for my V8 juice.

Please excuse the spots on the varitone background paper. I haven't used it since we had a frozen pipe burst and flood the house and basement this winter. The paper looked OK when I wiped it down right after the flooding, but I hadn't checked it after it fully dried. This morning was the first time I've given it a close look and needless to say was disappointed to see how very badly it was stained and streaked. I'll try to wipe it down with some soapy water, but I'm afraid, from the looks of it, that it will most probably have to be replaced.

It rained pretty heavily at times, this morning, with more expected between now and noon with clearing this afternoon, according to So, if I can find my way to the studio (it's been soooo long), I'm going to head over, wedge some clay and do some hump throwing -  yunomis and sake cups to use as glaze test pots and maybe some small bowls. Then in mid afternoon I'll give the garden a little bit of time planting another large tray or so of annuals if the ground isn't too wet.
Yesterday, it rained lightly on and off most of the day which gave us a chance to get out and make 7 stops for various food, plant and garden related shopping, visiting with friends, then home to unload the car, check email, change and back out again to pick up friends for dinner at Foxfire in Spruce Pine. After dinner we did some porch sitting at their place, with more wine. It was a super busy but satisfying day.

The seedling trays which have been covering two layers deep of our front porch have dwindled a bit but there are still a lot more to plant or give away. I made two delivery stops with 4 or 5 Walmart bags of seedlings to a couple of friends yesterday and another friend will be picking up a few tomato plants one evening this week. My goal is to have this porch cleared of seedlings by Friday!

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