Thursday, May 20, 2010

Veggie terraces planted

Here are the 7 finished veggie terraces. The cold frame has 2 more rows of potatoes planted since I ran out of space in the terraces for all the potato seeds I bought. The lower left terrace has 3 rows of 3 different varieties of potatoes. There are about about 40 tomato plants on a narrow, steep slope to the left of the terraces and more getting planted in my flower beds. 

I had another 4 1/2 hour stint in the garden today. All the terraced veggie beds are planted other than a fee lettuce starts and  pole bean seeds that I still have to plant under and near the small A frame which I"m using for a few cucumber plants and beans. More pole beans will be supported on the first and second corn planting.

Today I did some research on the Native American 3 sisters method of growing corn, pole beans and squash. I prepped a 1 foot high by 2 1/2 -3' wide, flat topped mound. There seemed to be 2 schools of thought where to put the squash, so I opted for 3 squash plants in the center (some has the squash on the outer perimeter). The corn will be planted in a circle around the squash about 5-6" apart, and about 6" away from the squash. and the beans will be planted  about 6" away from the corn when it's about 4" or higher. I put a whole bag of compost and a whole bag of black cow manure on top of the mound and worked it in. In two days, the corn kernels I have in moist hand towel paper will be sprouted and get planted.

The mound I made was with some leftover, very sandy top soil from two years ago when we raised the stone terraces. I'm hoping that I put enough compost and manure in it to give it a bit more body so it will hold the water better.

Since I've run out of room in the terraces and the slope where most of the tomatoes are planted, I've planted a few more tomatoes and herbs as well as flowers in amongst the flower beds today. I thought I'd have it all done in one more day, but unless I get a second wind after dinner, it looks like it's going to take two more days to get an area tilled for the sweet potatoes, plant the fig tree and rest of the herbs, veggies and flowers. Then I'll need another day just to feed and finish the weeding of the flower beds.

Needless to say, getting the garden cleaned up and planted has taken a lot longer than I thought. At 70, 4-6 hours a day is all I can manage energy and time wise and cooking and other chores, the weather and days for shopping and other chores in Asheville and Johnson City have also dug into the garden time.

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