Thursday, May 06, 2010

Another planting day and free baby asparagus plants

We drove over the mountain into Tennessee yesterday for a big lunch at the Indian buffet followed by a few plant shopping stops. I didn't find everything on my list; but I did get a peace rose, two flats of purple petunias and several containers of impatients and begonias which I'll be planting along with a couple of hostas I got the other day, as soon as the tree trimmers clean up the oak tree prunings.

Two years ago I made a large round planting bed around that oak tree and planted some ferns, hostas and a couple of other perennials there. Some are doing well, but a couple didn't make it, so I need add a few more hostas and other shade loving plants and get some color in there with the impatients and begonias.

The vegetable garden is doing well - potatoes are coming up, we're harvesting asparagus and I see that I also have quite a few volunteer asparagus. Any one want some free baby asparagus? Let me know I can dig them up if you'll come here to pick them up.

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