Saturday, May 08, 2010

Michael Kline Jar

Jim and I were out early this morning for Michael Kline's kiln opening and bought this wonderful covered jar which I immediately put to use. Our rhododendron blossoms are perfect for it. We also purchased a small bowl which will be perfect for things like guacamole or other dips, and a lovely cup with hakeme slip and resisted design.  There were so many wonderful pots; but one has to use some restraint.

Last night we had another wonderful dinner at the Knife and Fork, followed by a fun evening at a Relay for Life fundraiser. Several friends were part of the all guys, in drag, beauty contest, which  included interviews and talent segments. They mercifully skipped the bathing suit segment which I know the contestants appreciated. What a hoot! I can't remember when I laughed that hard for that long. They were all fantastic. Why did I leave my camera home!

My intent for today was to continue planting the two large flats of purple petunias when we got back but it was too windy and chilly, so I opted to make another loaf of oatmeal bread instead and catch up with mail and paperwork.

It's going down to the 30's tonight and tomorrow night, so I'll be bringing most of the seedlings indoors again. After that it looks like they'll be able to stay out until planting time. If weather permits, I'll be planting them on the 15th and 16th, which is what the Farmers Almanac recommends for tomatoes and other above ground crops.

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