Sunday, May 30, 2010

Not for the squeamish

Here's a picture of part of the little knoll next to my gallery. The saucers are filled with beer to capture the slugs that have been eating all my seedlings. Those suckers really like beer.  After 3 days it seems like I've gotten the worst of them taken care of, I hope! I'm not sure  how well you can see it; but that's a beautiful, burgundy clematis blooming next to the gallery. The drop off is planted with a couple of gooseberry bushes and strawberries and the beginnings of a rock garden.

Yesterday was a hard gardening day. My knees are still aching this morning; but I got all 50 or so tomatoes fed and weeded, planted pole beans which will hopefully grow up the first batch of corn, hilled up the potatoes one more time, did a lot of other  weeding, hand watered seedlings and the lightly watered in  the fertilizer, and filled another large bucket with good organic potting soil and planted another eggplant. I'm hoping the heat of the buckets, plus sitting on the asphalt driveway will create enough of the heat that eggplants love to give me some decent eggplants this year. I have one more bucket to clean out this morning for the last eggplant.Other than that, hand watering the remaining seedlings on the front porch, will probably be it for today unless these knees stop complaining. 

Instead, it will be a day to bake bread, and get to some of these paper piles, and later get the grill out and make some bacon cheeseburgers for dinner.


  1. What about painting the buckets black? That might help with the heat thing.

  2. Actually, Marian, I do have a few black 7 gallon buckets that are planted with plum tomatoes. One of the eggplants is in a smaller black bucket, and 2 others are in a tan and gray bucket. Then there are the two that are planted in one of the stone terraces.