Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! Sydney Australia fireworks finale

 Here's a link to the fabulous finale of the Sydney, Australia fireworks display for those of you who like us older foks have a hard time staying up till midnight; or for those who just enjoy great fireworks displays!

I'd like to wish you all a most glorious New Year, filled with hope, peace, joy, and abundance in all things!

Jim and I are enjoying our typical, stay at home New Years Eve. We just finished our dinner  (well at least I finished mine, he's still eating).

He's enjoying the Oklahoma Stanford game and I'm going to finish moving my music files out of Itunes and otherItunes files, rename the folders, move them to a different area,  then uninstall the program and do a clean re-install. Windows 7 refuses to recognize the fact that I removed the check box on the the compatibility change I made earlier; and since 3 attempts to reinstall the software in repair mode hasn't worked, I'm resorting to the longer, pain the rump process.

We woke up to a thin, but pretty light dusting of fresh snow followed by rain, so it's been a good day for cooking and computer work. At our ages we probably won't stay up till midnight, so I'll set off my Farmvillle fireworksm and end the year with a long prayer of gratitude, and a meditation.

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  1. June you and Jim have a wonderful new year I'm staying home as well drinking sparkling cider and as for my laptop i'm letting HP Fix my Problem with restoring to it's factory settings. Happy 2010!