Saturday, December 19, 2009

More snow on the way

Lots of beautiful snow and more to come!

Our power is still off; but once again - thank God for our generator!

It's my 70th birthday today and plans for company and  dinner out have been waylaid because of this winter storm. So, Jim and I are cuddling near our propane fireplace, enjoying some of our taped movies, hot chocolate this afternoon with extra marshmallows for Jim  and a dinner of the rest of the turkey noodle soup and butterscotch pudding again for dessert. Jim opened a great zinfandel to make up for the leftover dinner.

More snow is expected tonight; but hopefully not much more to add to the already 9-12 inches we've already had.

Our dog and cat are a bit thrown off with this deep snow. Poor Bonnie, our kitty, tried her best to walk on it but decided after a minute or so of sinking and not being able to keep her tummy dry, thought better of this, her first journey in the snow, and reluctantly came back into the safety of her normal digs in our bathroom wing.
We're now going to watch "Love Actually" while enjoying the last of this lovely wine.


  1. June, I wanted to say a happy birthday to you. I pray that you will have many wonderful birthdays. Happy, Happy Birthday.

  2. June...Happy, happy birthday!! even with the snow disrupting your celebrations, an evening keeping warm and enjoying hot soup and butterscotch pudding sounds wonderful! Looks like you have the same amount of snow as we do here in central blizzards here tonight though. I am tending a glaze fire 'til the wee hours and it is a pleasant evening to be trekking back and forth to the garage.
    Keep warm..the best of the Season to you!

  3. June happy birthday your still 18

  4. Happy Birthday.I came through your area on 26 yesterday on my way to Charlotte. Looks like you have plenty of snow already.Hope the power gets back on soon.

  5. Thanks Dennis - power went back on yesterday afternoon.