Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More under the tree decor

 Here's another section of Jim's fun, under the tree decor. Most of these figures are from my childhood; but in recent years, we've managed to add a few more contemporary and antique pieces.. In our early married years, one of my treasured boxes of antique figures and decorations  from my mothers childhood were stolen from our apartment storage area; and I've yet been able to replace most  of those childhood treasures.

Around 5pm we heard the rumble of the snow plow beginning it's job of digging us out from all this snow. Now that we're free, we'll get out later to pick up the mail and do some grocery shopping. It's been fun hibernating in the midst of this lovely snow, especially after our power was restored !

Yesterday I did my studio plant watering, studio leaf cleanup and spent some time going through some test tiles and making followup notes. The rest of the day was spent cleaning up computer files and some paperwork. After dinner I deleted another 1+  megabytes of duplicate photos and that job and other computer file work will continue for days, in between holiday cooking and other chores.

Right now I have to follow up on some grand children's Christmas presents that I ordered from Amazon, that have yet to arrive at our son's Oregon house, which is where the family has gone to celebrate Christmas.

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