Monday, December 21, 2009

Under the Christmas tree

Here's a picture of one section of our under the tree decor that Jim lovingly and beautifully sets up every year.

We got our power back yesterday afternoon, so I  was able to make a roast chicken dinner since I was no longer concerned about being miserly with our propane supply. After breakfast I'll turn the propane heater back up in my studio, get the plants watered and get then get back in there again after lunch to do some sweeping and a few other paper work chores.

WhenI bring all those plants indoors for the winter, they go through a period of adjustment where they drop a lot of their leaves. So I need to give them a good shaking and sweep up all those leaves.

Windows 7 from hell problems on this new laptop continue to consume my time. I won't bore you with all the grisly details, other than to say that when I finish getting all these files back in to proper directories and back on to the stand alone hard drive, I'm serious considering formatting this laptop and reinstalling Windows XP or Vista so I can use all my old software and have this video card working properly.

I hope I remember this horrible experience when it comes time to buy a new computer and reason wins out and I wave goodbye to Dell and Microsoft and become another Apple Macintosh convert!

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