Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gingerbread chuck wagon

Here's another clever, gingerbread contest entry.

Yesterday was a computer day from hell. I was on the phone with at 4 or 5 (lost count) Dell techs in India  for almost 4 hours, then waited till bedtime for a call or email for a code to install the pic tuneup I purchased over 10 days ago. Never did hear from them.

They billed me and never gave me the code, instructions, etc. Each tech after getting 10 minutes of information about my system, etc, said, they weren't the one to help and directed me to the next one. I was on the computer merry go round  from  hell until I got the last tech and even he couldn't help with all the issues. Seems Micrsoft has again put out a Windows program before the software and hardware people had a chance to upgrade drivers, etc.

On my own I manged to get some upgrades from the Microsoft site, so now I at least have my wireless mouse and keyboard working and don't have to sit with the laptop on my lap all day!

Today I'll continue the file transfers and search some of my other software sites to see if there are any upgrades for Windows 7. I'm hoping today will turn out to be as nice as yesterday so I can take an afternoon break and go for a walk with Bodhi.

Tonight I'll make the pasta dish I planned for yesterday. Since it was still on the phone with Dell at 6 o'clock, Jim drove down to the local seafood restaurant in town and brought us back a couple of fried clam dinners. Today has got to be better - one can only  hope!

I WILL get back into the studio soon - hopefully before Christmas!!                                     

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