Wednesday, December 02, 2009

VIdeo on historical Stangl & Fulper Pottery

Interesting video on the historic Stangl & Fulper pottery in New Jersey.

 I'm up to my ears in computer woes this rainy morning. Got the Windows 7 installed, but some drivers need updating, but the web address for doing that only gave me options to update drivers for Windows xp or Vista. AARGH. Then I tried to re-install the McAfee antivirus, only to find out that  it's not compatible with Win 7 and there's no fix available. So I closed down the laptop and headed back upstairs to my office and am working on my old desktop. After breakfast I'll be on the phone with Dell once more. Ah, the joys of computer ownership!

Today will be spent getting all my files back on to the laptop and loading some software to see if any of it will work. I have a feeling I'm going to be buying a lot of new software.Windows 7 is so new that they don't even have information on their web site about the compatibility of many popular software programs, like my Word Perfect. So I guess I'll just install it and see what happens.

We didn't have the turkey soup last night so we'll have it tonight. Jim decided he'd rather munch on pate, fruit and cheese after our big lunch. Well, time to get to my morning mail and harvest my Farmville crops so I can get back to working on the laptop. I think I'll also do some checking on line to see if there are any good reviews on some free antivirus software that I can install on the laptop until Dell sends me a McAfee disk that will work with Windows 7.


  1. A good AV software that is free and with updates is AVG 9.0. It works with Windows 7 as well.

    go to and type under the search AVG 9.0 Free. I have been using their product for years with little to no problems...

    Hope you and Jim had a Great Turkey Day...

  2. windows 7 so far is working pretty good for my new laptop.

  3. Macfee Software comes with latest tools and features to overcome different forms of threats. A best antivirus software works like watchdog for the PC security exactly Macrovirus-oncall works to detect and remove the viruses and threats.

  4. Since the McAfee software disk that came with my laptop won't install now that Windows 7 is on there, I got a 90 days trial McAfee installed. That will give me time to see what else is around. I know the new Norton is getting high marks but I want to do a bit more research on these anti virus programs. I think the important thing is service and how thorough the programs are with catching early viruses.