Thursday, December 24, 2009

Another under the tree village scene

Here's another section of our under the tree village scene. I found this cute Craft Gallery building a few years ago, which seemed a good addition to our collection. It's one of the contemporary pieces which goes well with our antique/vintage pieces.Some of those antique pieces were from my mothers childhood. We have a lot of  bisque farm animals  and other figures which Jim puts on the windowsills, making our living room a childs Christmas playground!

It's been a busy day with cooking, computer time(the computer woes continue and seem to be getting worse), and animal care. For dinner I made a delicious pumpkin soup with oven baked brown sugar, butter and cinnamon croutons,  ham, yams and green beans. Jim pulled a lovely cabernet out of his wine cellar to top off the meal. For dessert we had some chocolate which always goes great with wine.

There were emails to answer, phone emails from our son who needed Mom's cooking advice on how to make a port wine reduction. His whole family is sick with a 24 hour virus  and he was the only one healthy enough to tackle kitchen duties.He's always cooked a bit but since Gordon Ramsey became one of his clients, I've noticed his repertoire is increasing and getting more sophisticated. He finds cooking relaxing (wish Jim would have found joy in cooking. He just enjoys eating well and maintaining a decent wine cellar; but his cooking endeavors don't extend beyond making toast and hard boiled eggs.).

As soon as I post this blog update, we'll  watch Stings Christmas special on PBS, and if we're still awake after that, we'll watch  "A Christmas Carol". (our favorite is the Alistair Sims version.) We have our own videotape so we don't have to rely on local programming. We usually watch it on Christmas eve, which has become part of our family's tradition; but we may not be able to stay awake for it tonight.

Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful, festive, and healthy and prosperous, holiday season, surrounded by those you love and who love you!