Monday, December 07, 2009

This years Gingerbread contest winner

Yesterday was a lovely, grown up play day - drove to Asheville with dear friends and brunch at the Grove Park Inn. The guys had full seconds plates as well as dessert. Where in the world do they put all that food! I couldn't  even finish one plate and  leave  room for dessert, so Bodhi had some of my leftover sausage when we got home. Afterwards we walked around the  beautifully decorated Inn looking at the Christmas dnecor and the Gingerbread contest entries. Here's the picture of the winner. I'll post a few others in the next couple of days.

Evidently this contest is a big deal - with entries from all over the country. I think  my favorite  was the youth winner, which I'll try to post tomorrow.

This cold day is going to be spent back on the laptop sorting files and attempting to fix glitches.  Hopefully the disk with the new drivers will arrive today and will work to correct some of these problems as well as some of the Dell software which came with the laptop which is not compatible with Windows 7. Otherwise I'm going to have to get  back on the phone with Dell about replacing those disks with ones that are compatible.

I ordered this huge book on Windows 7 and am hoping I'll be able to glean enough information that I can understand, to make good use of this new operating system. Ah, the joys of computers. Jim manages to live a full and happy life without these things, why can't I. HMMMMM!

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