Thursday, December 17, 2009

Charlie Odum in Mashiko, Japan

Here's a video of Charlie Odium in Mashiko. Check out his unique wheel placement.
Yesterday I actually got away from this laptop for a while. I set up my new stereo in the studio, did some studio clean up and did some more Christmas decorating. Jim cut me some pine branches and holly and I made a few table top arrangements. I used the bottom of Linda McFarlings casserole for the dining room table, and another wonderful wood fired shino bowl for the kitchen table arrangement. The house is looking very festive and appropriate for the season.

Since I was busy with other things I didn't get as much paper work done as intended, so I'll focus on that today;but first I need to see if there's a way to transfer some of my Ipod music on to this laptop, since I lost a lot of the music when Vista gave me the blue screen of death and I had to format my drive and lost so much data, including music files.

Each new thing I try to install seems to require fixes. At first the computer didn't recognize the Ipod; but after much reading and then finally changing my input plug, I was able to get it to at least recognize the Ipod. So, this morning I'll see if there's any way to transfer some of that music. Otherwise I'll have to get what I can off the old desktop and on to a flash drive, transfer it to this laptop and then reload the Ipod, which then erases everything on the Ipod in the process. I wish these Ipods had delete buttons so you could just delete and add new files without first, having to remove all the data currently on the Ipod.


  1. Charlie Odum passed away earlier this year. Yet, he lives on, on the web, in this video.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that Lee. Thanks for letting us know. Agree, we're lucky to have these videos on you tube, not only of Charlie, but Hamada,Leach, Cardew,Voulkous, and many others.