Saturday, January 02, 2010

No knead sour dough bread

Here's the sourdough, no knead bread I made this morning. Other than overcooking it somewhat, it came out well. I substituted  6 oz of whole wheat flour  for 6 oz of the 3 cups of white bread flour that I usually use in the recipe and used some sour dough starter instead of yeast. We shared a test slice and it's really good; but we'll save the rest for tomorrow night's soup supper.

Jim says it's bread with a Mohawk! When I plopped the dough into the preheated iron pot, it didn't land evenly. One side was squished up against the pot. It rounded itself out, but came out with these peaks which were ripe for charring.. I'll have to work at aiming more to the center, since this very wet dough can't be moved until it's done; or at least I've never tried it for fear of making a mess of it!

Jim bundled up and finished getting the outdoor Christmas lights down and put away; but he promised to leave the tree up for a few more days. The house always looks so bare when we take down the tree and other holiday decorations.

I'm using this winter, post holidays,  time to  other things like cooking and organizing all sorts of things. It was so cold this morning that I went searching for my hand knit New Zealand, wool sweaters and found 3 boxes of sweaters in the upstairs closet, some of which I had totally forgotten I still  had. It was like Christmas all over. Tonight I'll try to find places for them in our bedroom closet; but for now I'm be doing more computer file cleanup for a couple of hours before I start on dinner.

For breakfast I made a South India scrambled eggs recipe which was quite good. Here's the recipe if you want to try it:

4 large eggs, a fine chopped  onion, garlic paste which is 2 parts fresh  minced garlic and 1 part fresh minced ginger ground into a paste (I used my mortar and pestle), 1 to 2 serrano chiles (I used 1 1/4), a small , diced tomato and salt to taste. I combined two recipes and  it worked very well. One onion was plenty for that amount of eggs. One of the recipes called for two onions which I think would be way too much.


Put about a T or so of clarified butter in a 9  or 10" skillet. When hot, add the onion and cook stirring till it become translucent. Then add the minced serrano chiles, and cook, stirring often, till the onions start to brown lightly  (don't allow them to burn).. Once browned a bit, add the tsp of garlic paste and diced tomato.  Stir well and cook about a minute to warm the tomato pieces, then lower heat to low or low/medium, add the eggs and stir/cook till they reach your preferred consistency. If you don't like too much heat, then just use one minced serrano chile. Both of the recipes I found had 2 chiles but even though I like a lot of heat, I think that might be too much. One and a quarters serrano chiles was perfect for our taste. You can serve with toast or one of the Indian breads like Naan, Chapati or dosa, etc.

Bon Appetit!

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