Monday, January 11, 2010

Mushroom gougere tonight

We woke up to another 5 degree F morning - just two more days before this cold spell breaks! My sister in law in New Smyrna Florida had  snow two days ago - crazy weather due to the somewhat rare occurrence of the river of air that usually runs east to west, protecting us from all that arctice air, going into a zig zag pattern creating some unusually cold weather on the east coast and unusually warm areas elsewhwere.

The Christmas tree is completely down and put away for another year. The nice thing about an artificial tree is that you can enjoy it for such a long period of time and not have to deal with allergies from the chemicals or mold as well as potential  fire dangers from real trees.

My computer back up finallyworked; but I found it's not an easy task trying to get a view of what backed up. Since the backup started yesterday I removed a lot more video and picture files so I'll probably re-do the backup which took all day yesterday and continued overnight.

I 'll check  my Windows 7 The Definitive guide book, to see if there's another way to open those back up files. This computer problem is definitely never ending! I have to make sure all the files I want are in the backup folder before I re-install WIndows 7. The way these computer problems are going pottery may have to wait till my next lifetime! :-(

I'll keep working on this and stop around 3:30 to start on dinner. I'm  making a curried  mushroom gougere. It's one of those vegetarian meals that Jim will eat and actually enjoy!

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