Friday, January 22, 2010

Banana bread

Here's the banana bread I made yesterday , on a wonderful Ron Slagle plate. It will go nicely with boiled eggs this morning. Eggs are one of Jim's favorite foods and boiled eggs come a close second to - Eggs Benedict, his favorite egg dish.

Now that I've got this laptop with Windows 7 working well enough, I've decided to leave it as it is and not fool around with dual boot drives. My old desktop has XP so I can use that for programs that just won't work on here. Hopefully, those software companies will soon have versions that will work with Windows 7 or at least have new drivers that will make those programs compatible.

The studio has been calling lately and I think I should be able to scratch that itch and get in there next week - maybe even this weekend. Jim is doing well enough in his healing process that I won't feel guilty leaving him for a few hours of studio time. Yesterday he drove to town on his own and although his back was tight and sore, he was able to do it. His spirits are better now that he can see some progress in the healing. He even feels well enough to go out to dinner at the Mexican restaurant with friends tonight. I'm definitely ready for a night out, Mexican food and a margarita!


  1. Glad Jim is doing better. Great Ron plate and you have the most wonderful bread photos, I wish I could reach right out and take a bite of that bread and some of the no knead ones below.

  2. Linda, the no knead bread is soooo easy to make. You can check out some of the videos on you tube.
    The banana bread was much more time consuming; but the no knead bread really is only about 5 minutes of hands on time for great bread.

  3. It has definitely been a winter for cooking. All the food posts look yummy. We have been in healing modes as of late so I wish good healing for Jim.