Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tree coming down today

Finally got enough files deleted or moved and hopefully this latest computer back up attempt will work. Other attempts have failed so I don't have a clue as to how long it should take, nor what files it's backing up.

Today is the "take down Christmas tree day" (Jim's job with a bit of help from me). I had studio and basement plants to water and lights to change as well as the unending computer work.. The studio water was frozen this morning but all was fine by early afternoon. We're really looking forward to Wednesdays weather - sunny and temperatures in the  high 40's . It's going to feel like spring after these low 20's days and 5 degree night time temperatures.

If this backup works, my next job will be to reinstall Windows 7 over the current one and then make a new partition and install Windows XP  on that partition. That job will probably be on tomorrows agenda,  since I suspect this backup is going to take hours.

Well, time to feed my furry critters and then us. It's cornbread and beans for us tonight - good, cold weather, comfort food. 


  1. Corn bread and bean supper sounds wonderful! I make cornmeal muffins with cubed cheddar cheese in them and last week I added some salad herbs(a premixed collection) which resulted in a more savory muffin. delicious. Happy that the westher will be warming for you. It was plus 5C for us today which feels downright balmy! :) Enjoy. Trish from Alberta

  2. That cornbread sounds delicious!