Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shopping day

I baked bread yesterday and this time I used bread flour. It made a very light loaf, which Jim loved. Next time I'll try half bread flour and half all purpose. I did let it proof a couple of hours longer than usual but I think it was the flour that made it so light. Personally, I prefer it with a bit more body.

Since it was such a lovely day I drove us to Spruce Pine to do some shopping and have lunch at the China Buffet.. Jim fared pretty well, on this, his first time in the car since his fall. He had one or two uncomfortable moments and by the time we got home his back was pretty tight. I massaged some arnica into those muscles and he's now resting. This healing is going to take a while!

I did most of the grocery shopping, loading and unloading myself and now I'm enjoying just sitting, doing some computer work, and watching the Australian Open tennis.It was a tiring day for both of us.

Neither of us is wanting a big dinner, after a big lunch, so I think I'll just heat up the pea soup for me and make Jim a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich which sounded good to him. 


  1. I'm glad to hear that Jim is getting out, I know that he has been hurting.
    The bread looks wonderful. That would be sooo good with french onion soup in this weather.
    Let me know if I can help you or Jim.

  2. Thanks Ron! We had French Onion soup about two weeks ago. It was pea soup the other night.
    Jim is healing, albeit, slowly;but he announced this morning that he wants to see if he can just drive into town to pick up the mail.
    Thanks for the offer of help; but we're doing OK as long as there are no more emergencies like our recent flooded house from 2 broken pipes! :-(