Sunday, January 03, 2010

Hot chocolate and soup night

It was 8 degrees F when I got up and it's warmed up to about 12; but kitty still wants out. The sun is shining so we're letting her out for a bit; but I'll check on her every 15 minutes. I can't believe she'll be happy out there for too long!

This is a day for hot chocolate and soup. My first thought was to make a potato soup to go with the sourdough I baked yesterday; but I'm now thinking that maybe I'll do a French onion instead. I have a lot of leftover gruyere and I think the French onion would be a bit heartier than the potato.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time crusing the Internet in search for a particular sauce I once have in India, on a breakfast masala dosa. I still haven't found that recipe but I did find some others and spent a lot of time writing them out on index cards. We've eaten a lot of red meat this holiday season and we're both ready for some vegetarian or lighter meat and fish, and Indian food is delicious as well as full of vegetarian choices since 70% of the worlds vegetarians live in India!

I dreamed about being back in the studio last night, so hopefully I can get this computer problem solved this week and get my hands back in clay. I'm definitely ready mentally, if not physically. This sinusitis is not responding to the doctor's suggestions so maybe when I have my appointment tomorrow we can explore some antibiotics; because I'm getting real tired of having one eye half closed and feeling like I have cotton up my nostrils!

Well, time to do more file cleanup and tranferring. Tomorrow I'll be back on the phone with Dell.


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  2. I know the felling but mines is with HP and a broke down car. Man June we are in bad shape my friend but it's anew year and we have to start fresh, right?

  3. I sure hope the rest of the year improves for both of us. :-)