Friday, January 29, 2010

Another pizza night

Jim likes pepperoni  and I finally discovered that the whole pepperoni has much better flavor and texture than the variety you buy already cut. I'm not a fan of it but I found I could tolerate the higher quality of the whole pepperoni.
We got the results of Jim's MRI this morning. He has 3 vertebrae fractures as well as  a broken sacrum. We're keeping our fingers crossed that he may be able to avoid surgery. The report was sent to the neuro surgeon today and hopefully he'll agree with the radiologist and our doctor that since there was no compression of the vertebrae that another 4 weeks or so of rest should heal these fractures without surgery. We're hoping he won't have to be driven to Asheville to see the neuro surgeon since driving even to the local hospital was pretty uncomfortable and Asheville is well over an hour's drive each way.

The past few days have been busy going to the doctor, then  the hospital, doing a big grocery shopping to prepare for the storm that is now upon us,cooking  and all the other household chores and animal care that need tending. I'm exhausted but determined to make things as comfortable as possible tor Him and cook him  a lot of his favorite things to make this healing process a a bit more tolerable.His spirits are very good considering how badly he was hurt in that fall on the ice.

My newZojirushi bread machine arrived today, so tonight I'll spend some time watcing the instruction dvd and reading the instruction booklet.. Since I have a batch of no knead bread proofing, for baking  in the morning,  I might wait another day before trying the machine. 



  1. That must have been some fall that Jim took.I used to teach my Special Ed classes healthy cooking and we found that if you slowly sweat pepperoni in a skillet until it starts to brown and then drain it on paper towels before putting on the pizza it really sharpens the flavor of the spices and gets rid of a tremendous amount of fat.

  2. It was bad. He slipped on the ice, fell flat on his back, and also hit his head and wound up with a mild concussion as well as the 4 broken bones.
    Thanks for the pepperoni tip. I'll try that next time.

  3. Best wishes to Jim for a speedy recovery!
    We've been using turkey pepperoni, and finishing with a 1-2 minute broil to crisp them.

  4. I've never seen a turkey pepperoni. I'd prefer that, so I'll have to look for it.

  5. For some reason your blog hasn't been showing up on my blog roll and if it's not there I forget to check, there are so many. It's back though, so here I am. I missed the accident so am just now catching up,so sorry to hear about the fall. I'm dealing with my husband's pain as well. I'm in the same place as you, cooking, giving out meds, making sure he's comfortable. Kidney stone has passed and things are getting back to normal. Careful with this latest storm, you two! Pizza looks yummy :)

  6. Tracy, I haven't blogged for a few days because of lack of time. Driving Jim to his appointments, taking care of him and cooking and animal care is eating up most of my time.
    Glad to hear your husband got rid of that kidney stone. That is a very painful thing!
    Jim is looking at about another 5 1/2 weeks of healing time, so he and his recliner are becoming one. He even sleeps in it since it's too difficult and painful for him to get in and out of bed.

  7. The last post and this post show two very beautiful pies. I bet they went down sooo easy. Power to the Pizza.
    I hope that Jim will be alright with just some bed rest. I imagine that he will be fit to be tied by the time he can heal.

  8. Hi June, Jason here, OMG so sorry to hear about Jim's bad fall, I havent been visiting the page in a while because I have been busy with wedding plans, yes me and my fiancee are getting married in 2011, so jumping ahead and saving money early. Anyways Wine tasting was put on hiatus for a while, I hope to get back over there and sample some new stuff and give u a heads up on that. Food Critic page has 23 members to date and well we need some active writers to help take it to the next level. So all in all my prayers to Jim for a speedy recovery and hopefully no surgery will be needed, and to You June a big thanks for being a good friend and wife to help Jim heal.