Sunday, January 24, 2010

Busy, rainy day

Today was a big cooking day. My new Indian vegetarian cookbook had a recipe for a cauliflower and potato curry which sounded good. It went well with the basmati brown rice, our favorite  dal and Naan bread.   The recipe I wanted to try, called for the bread machine, so I retrieved it from the  basement only to find that the machine was kaput, so I wound up figuring out how to make it work with the kitchen aid. The timing was totally off on the recipe and I burned the first batch not even cooking it the full time. Next time I'll try one of the Naan recipes from one of my own, trusted Indian cookbooks.
While the bread was rising, I got on line and did some bread machine research and wound up ordering one that has two mixing arms which is heavier duty than the now "late" bread machine. This new one is supposed to be very quiet which will be a welcome change over my old one. I was also surprised to hear that many of these bread machines only last 3 years, which I hope isn't true. It should last longer in this house since our favorite, every day bread is Jim Lahey's no knead bread.
Jim's football game just went into over time and I'm watching the Australian Open tennis as long as my eyes will stay open.


  1. ask jim the saint's or Colt's this year's Super Bowl??? And for the potato and califlower curry you have the recipe for that i would like to try it, for me trying to go to cooking school soon i wanted to try something new. Right now i'm making Shrimp scampi and i love shrimp :)

  2. Jim said the Colts even though he'd prefer the Saint's to win.
    I love Shrimp scampi but haven't cooked it in years. I used to served it with spinach pasta with a simple butter/oil/garlic sauce topped with parmesan. Love all that butter! LOL
    I'll put the recipe on the blog when I get a chance. It's been a long day and I'm wiped!