Thursday, January 07, 2010

Another BRRR day

It's a cold, dreary day and we're expecting a bit of snow later this afternoon. We're just nesting in our now dry house and recharging our batteries after the flooding clean up.

The doctor put me on a generic Cipro and this particular antibiotic is causing some interesting symptoms like nausea, headache and affecting sleep. There are worse symptoms from this stuff, and hopefully I won't deal with them; but I need to get this sinus infection under control so I can get back into my studio. I have 9 more days on this medication and hope my body can deal with it for that time.

In the meantime, I'll use my time to cook and keep working on this massive computer problem. There are thousands of files to go through and file or delete. I'm hoping today I'll free enough of the stand alone hard drive to do a back up.

Jim and I did some shopping yesterday so I'd have enough groceries to avoid driving to Spruce Pine for the next several days. This weather isn't going to break till Monday, so we'll cozy up to the fireplace and enjoy some nice vegetarian meals for a few days. Tonight it's fettucine alfredo with additions of sauteed mushrooms and onions.


  1. This computer problem must have rubbed off from your computer to mine LOL question what was the biggest pottery piece you have ever done and is so how much did it sell for???

  2. I've never really measured my work to see wat my biggestm pot was. In the 80's I made some pretty big platters in the 20" range; but mostly,I've geared my pots to be mostly functional kitchen and dining room pots as opposed to large, pricey living room pieces.