Wednesday, January 06, 2010


The sun is shining in the midst of some very slight snow flurries. If I didn't have to go out to pick up my prescriptions for this sinus problem I'd sit tight with some hot chocolate.

We got lucky, if you can get lucky after two burst water piipes flooding the house; but the good news is that the plumber could access those pipes and replace them with pvc, without tearing down walls in the bathroom. He was able to break through a closet wall to access the rest of the pipes. The tense moment was when the water was turned back on. If there were other breaks below the access points, we would have had to remove the siding on the house to access them. Things are drying out nicely and we have the dehumidifier on in the basement to help things along.

When the area rugs dry out we'll have to get all the dining room furniture back in place. Needless to say there hasn't been any time for much of anything other than cooking,  animal care, the continued computer cleanup and dealing with this current mess.

Well, that's it for today. Time to get back to computer cleanup for another hour or so.


  1. Well.. You have certainly had SOME beginning to the new year! yikes! Hope things are drying out even in the cold weather you are having and you can get back to the studio..or the wine :).Cheers. T.

  2. oh june, sorry to hear about your pipes and mess! hope it's getting a little brighter for you now! stay warm~


  3. Thanks Joy. Water is cleaned up, carpets are dry (I think). We'll just have to repair some dry wall and do a bit of electrical and put the dining rooms furniture and rug back when it's dry.When we feel re-energized we'll have to do good sweeping in the basement. My new varitone background got wet; but it dried just fine. We got really lucky when you think how bad it could have been - like the well doing dry! :-(